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Hellenistic Astrology 2 - Primary Chart Rulers (redirected from Hellenistic Astrology 2 - Primary Chart Ruler)

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The following was originally posted in the Skyscript Astrologer forums in the Traditional (and Ancient) Techniques forum by astrojin on Mon Apr 28,2008 7:26am.  Posted with full permission of the author.


Hello again,

Hellenistic astrologers have a number of primary rulers, all of which have different functions.

The first (and probably most important) that we are going to look into is the predominator of a chart.



Determination of the Predominator of a chart:


The predominator of a chart is the luminary of time (sun by day or moon by night) provided it is not cadent.


If in a day chart the sun is cadent, we take then moon as predominator.

If in a night chart the moon is cadent, we take the sun as predominator.


If both luminaries are cadent, the ascendant becomes the predominator.


Some astrologers also said that if the domicile ruler of the ascendant is also cadent, then we should use the Lot of Fortune.


[My own twist: The cadent luminary can still be predominator if it is in his/her own house of Joy i.e. sun in 9th or moon in 3rd. Sun in 9th is in his own house of Joy and also in his own sun-god house. Moon in 3rd is in her own house of Joy and also in her own moon-goddess house.]


The predominator is the planet that represents the life of the native. The trigon (triplicity) lords of the predominator tell use the thirds life of the native i.e. the first trigon lord = first part of life, second trigon lord = second part of life and third trigon lord = third part of life.


Once the predominator has been determined, we can then proceed to the oikodespotes of the natal chart.



Determination of the Oikodespotes:


The term oikodespotes [domicile master] is used in domicile master/ruler of signs e.g. Mars is oikodespotes of Aries and Venus is oikodespotes of Taurus.


We say that Mars (or Venus) is the domicile master or oikodespotes of Aries (or Taurus) because it claims that sign as his dwelling place.


Following the same argument, we also have oikodespotes (domicile master) of the whole chart itself. To determine this, we must determine the predominator first in a nativity.


The domicile ruler of the predominator's sign is the domicile master (oikodespotes) of the chart (the planet that claims the whole chart as his dwelling place).


The domicile master is the one who sets the agenda/policy in native’s life.


The bound (term) ruler of the predominator is the oversight i.e. the one who sets the restriction over the domicile master (oikodespotes) of the chart.


In chart delieneation, you would want the domicile master of the predominator (oikodespotes) to aspect the predominator and the bound ruler of the predominator to aspect or configured to the domicile master (oikodespotes) of the chart. You also want to see whether these planets are “favorable” to the native.


The next planet that is equally important in the overall rulership of a nativity (besides Oikodespotes or domicile master of the chart) is called Kurios [Lord of the nativity]. Kurios is the executor of the agenda that Oikodespotes (domicile master) holds.



Determination of Kurios:


Kurios of a chart is determined from the following candidates:-

  1. Ascendant sign. We look to the planet(s) in the Ascendant sign AND bounds of the ascending degree.
  2. Domicile Lord of Ascendant.
  3. Moon and its Domicile Lord.
  4. Tenth sign from ascendant and its Domicile Lord.
  5. Lot of Fortune and its Domicile Lord.
  6. Any planets that make phasis* in the chart. Should also include planets that make a first or second station 7 days before or after nativity.
  7. The bound lord of the pre-natal lunation.


The Kurios (The Lord of the nativity) is determined using the above hierarchy AND is also fit to conduct its business.  (See my previous post on Hellenistic astrology - Preliminary Natal Analysis).




Whole sign house, Dorotheus Triplicity and Egptian Bound (Term) rulers.


Chart of Hitler [Diurnal chart, Sun in Tau in 8th house, Moon in Cap in 4th house, Asc in Lib].


Diurnal chart:



We first look to Sun and Sun is not cadent - hence Sun is the predominator. Trigon lords of predominator are Venus, Moon and Mars.



Domicile master (oikodespotes) of the chart is then the domicile master of predominator's sign i.e. Venus (which happens to be in 8th house in Taurus). The bound (or term) ruler of predominator (sun) is also Venus.




  1. No planets in the bounds of the ascending degree.
  2. Asc is in Libra, domicile lord of ascendant is Venus.
  3. Moon is in Capricorn, domicile lord is Saturn.
  4. MC in Sagittarius, domicile lord is Jupiter.
  5. Lot of Fortune is in Cancer, domicile lord is moon.
  6. Planets making phasis in the chart: Venus and Mars.
  7. Prenatal lunation is Full Moon in 26 Libra. Bound/Term lord is Venus.


Kurios is then Venus



Predominator is Sun.

1st part of life = Venus, 2nd part of life = Moon and 3rd part of life = Mars

Oikodespotes (domicile master) is Venus.

Bound (term ruler) of predominator is also Venus.

Kurios is Venus.



Nautical Metaphor

It seems that Hellenistic astrologers use the nautical metaphor to describe a natal chart.


The ship itself = the native’s life = predominator.


The first and second Trigon (triplicity) lords of the predominator = the winds that carry the ship to its destiny. The third trigon (triplicity) lord is the oars that move the ship.


Oikodespotes (Domicile Master) of the chart = ship owner = the one who sets the agenda or destiny for the native under the restriction set by the bound ruler of the pre-dominator.


Kurios (Lord of the nativity) = Captain of the ship = Executor = the one who is responsible to bring the ship to the destination set by Oikodespotes (Domicile Master).


Ascendant sign = “helm” of the ship = physical life.


Domicile Lord of the Ascendant = Helmsman = the First Officer of the ship.


Lot of Fortune = everything that befalls the native through not of his own doing.


Domicile Lord of the Lot of Fortune = man on the prow of the ship = Second Officer who is on the look out for the things/events that are going to befall the native.


It is important that the Lord of Lot of Fortune be able to communicate with the Domicile Master or Ascendant (Helmsman) or Lord of the nativity (Kurios).

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